By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) — With the word that Tom Brady is not going to play in the preseason game against the Redskins, this becomes a big game for backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Mallett will at least see a half, and the whole NFL will be watching. The Pats have fielded offers for Mallett in the past and he has been the talk of trade rumors. If he plays well, the word will be out there. Scouts will say he’s ready to lead his own team and quite frankly, that’s exactly what the Pats are looking for.

Mallett has taken advantage of being in this system. He’s been around a great coach, top organization and one of the best quarterbacks who has ever played the game. He’s looked so-so in camp, but maybe he’ll look better when the lights are on.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have given high praise on Mallett, so now it’s basically showtime. Will Mallett impress and become a good trade piece in the Patriots future or does he still have work to do? We will see tonight.

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