BOSTON (CBS) — Well it was fun while it lasted Celtics fans, but it’s clear the Kevin-Love-To-The-Celtics dream can finally be put to rest.

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor recently told the St. Pioneer Paul Press that a trade of Love is “likely” by the end of August, and on Monday ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said in a radio interview that a “handshake agreement” is in place between Cleveland and Minnesota for Love, with no. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins being the centerpiece of the deal.

A third team, Philadelphia, is also reportedly involved to get the deal done. Philadelphia is getting former no. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett and sending forward Thaddeus Young to Minnesota to complete the deal.

The trade cannot be formally announced until August 23, exactly 30 days after the Cavs inked Wiggins to a contract. NBA rules stipulate a 30-day grace period for players following the signing of a new contract.

“The deal is done, but not done,” Windhorst said. “The teams have agreed, but they can’t say they have agreed and they can’t agree because we are in this weird moratorium period. Because you can’t trade Andrew Wiggins until the 23rd of this month.”

Windhorst added that other teams, like the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors, could potentially rush in and offer a better deal to the T-Wolves for Love, but at the moment the Cavaliers and LeBron James are most likely to land the All Star forward.


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