BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots are in their second week of training camp, which is when things start to get a little physical.

And when you’re hitting the same person day after day, tempers can get a little hot. That was the case Wednesday afternoon down at Gillette Stadium.

The Patriots were back in pads and helmets on Wednesday, and things got a bit heated when the defensive backs and wide receivers started working against each other.

Corner Brandon Browner, brought in from Seattle to bring more physicality and toughness to the secondary, had a pair of run-ins on Wednesday. He got physical with receiver Kenbrell Thompkins, who he was matched up against for most of the day, throwing the receiver to the ground one play after he himself hit the deck thanks to Thompkins.

“Yesterday we gave up a few balls, let some of these guys off the line a little easy,” Browner explained. “That was my mentality going into this practice, to win my one-on-one matchups.”

Browner also got into it with wide receivers coach Chad O’Shea.

O’Shea was not very pleased with Browner’s physicality during practice, and let the corner know. Browner wasn’t a fan of the criticism, and had some words for O’Shea, all within earshot of the fans in the stands.

Browner said he and O’Shea have ironed out their difference of opinions.

“Me and him hugged it out,” he said. “As a coach I have to respect him, but that’s nothing I want to talk about and put on TV because I respect him.”

As for his scrum with Thompkins, Browner and the second-year receiver both know it is just part of training camp and will make them each better.

“You want to compete, because like I told him it’s going to make him better and me better,” he said. “You give those [receivers] too many balls and they’ll get confident. We want to take away some of that confidence and get some confidence in ourselves.”

“He’s competing, we’re competing and those things happen,” said Thompkins. “At the end of the day we all go into the locker room. We have another six hours left together, so hopefully we can crack a couple jokes.”

While tempers got hot on the field, Browner said all is good in the locker room, which is all that matters amnong teammates.

“I need to be liked by my teammates. Those are the guys I’m going to war with,” he said. “But at the same time I’ll be aggressive with those guys, because it will make them better. I hope they bring the same fire back at me.”

The 6-4 corner also said it will be nice to see some fresh faces lining up on the other side of the field when the Patriots hold joint practices with the Washington Redskins next week.

“It gets frustrating going against the same guys every day,” he said. “I’m ready to go down to Washington see what I can do against those guys.”

While his frustration may have boiled over a bit on Wednesday Browner did take a step in the right direction in his eyes, as he pulled down his first interception of training camp.

“I finally got my hands on the ball. I’ve been itching to make a play,” he said with a smile.

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