BOSTON (CBS) – It was an Over/Under Tuesday night on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones,” with Rich Keefe filling in for Jones.

In this latest edition, Keefe and Adam Kaufman predict the Over/Under on the following topics:

Touchdowns scored by Rob Gronkowski this season: 10.5

“I’m going to go under. If he is out there for 16 games then he will go over, but I don’t think he’ll be out there for 16 games,” said Keefe.

AFC East losses for the Patriots this year: 1.5

“I’m going to go under. I think they’re good for about one a year,” said Keefe. “Maybe Miami trips them up, maybe the Jets. I would be shocked if it was Buffalo, even though that has happened in the past. I still think there is a significant gap between the Patriots and everyone else. Now, I wouldn’t be shocked if a team like the Jets is in the mix for that second Wild Card spot in the AFC.”

Wins for Jon Lester the rest of the year: 4.5

“I think it’s going to be elsewhere, with a team that scores runs for him, so I’ll go over,” said Keefe. “I think he goes to a contending team, and automatically that gives you a shot in the arm.”

Games started by Xander Bogaerts at shortstop the rest of the year: 7.5

“I’m going to go over, because I think they’ll get rid of Stephen Drew,” explained Keefe. “If you’re trading Jon Lester, what are you playing for this year? Nothing. So you want to see what other guys have.”

Red Sox on active roster Tuesday night who won’t be there at 4:01 PM Thursday: 2.5

“Over, definitely over,” said Keefe. “I think there are going to be changes to be had, and you may as well do it at deadline time. Why get rid of Drew in two weeks? You’ve already maybe ruined Xander Bogaerts by moving him off the position, so why drag your feet any longer?”



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