BOSTON (CBS) – The latest controversy surrounding WEEI and one of its morning hosts prompted this response from 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich show.

Being in radio is a tough gig. You’re on the air talking all day long, and sometimes you slip up and people get angry with you. You get suspended, come back in a few days, issue an apology and move on. It happens to a lot of radio personalities and Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb are no different in that regard.

Well it happened again recently, only this time to that station across the street.

The newest addition to the WEEI morning show is under fire for his comments about FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews. It all started in an interview during the MLB All-Star Game with Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, who had to apologize for grooving pitches to Derek Jeter. The next morning, the outspoken WEEI host called Andrews a “gutless b—-” and told her to “drop dead.” The station chose not to suspend the host — his absence was due to a pre-planned vacation — and upon his return he issued a halfhearted apology to Andrews.

Fred and Rich have received multiple inquiries from media outlets around the city asking them to respond, but in fairness wanted to hear the actual audio first.

After listening to the segment and the apology, they were amazed with what they heard: The guys across the street admitted to being actors and playing different roles on their show.


That’s not the point of radio. You don’t need to act.

Listen below for Toucher & Rich’s full reaction, including a hilarious skit aimed across the street:



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