BOSTON (CBS) — Lucky the Leprechaun has received a bit of a makeover.

The Boston Celtics unveiled a new alternate logo on Monday, which features a modern take on the classic image of Lucky spinning a basketball, refurbished in a clean contemporary style.

The new logo, which was created in-house, was inspired by the team’s past logos and pays homage to the Leprechaun logo from the 1960’s, illustrated by Red Auerbach’s brother, Zang. To make the new alternate logo even more versatile, Lucky’s finer details were slightly modified, allowing for better visibility when produced at a smaller scale.

While the team has not released plans for the new alternate logo, it will first appear this month in a variety of Adidas apparel and merchandise on the Celtics online store.

Boston’s primary and secondary logos will remain unchanged.

Additional looks of the new alternate logo:

(Courtesy: The Boston Celtics)

(Courtesy: The Boston Celtics)


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