BOSTON (CBS) – With Rich Keefe filling in for Adam Jones and Adam Kaufman handling headlines for Keefe, it was a “Buy Or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

Play along as Keefe and Kaufman tackle the following topics:

Buy or Sell: Clay Buchholz has turned the corner on the season?

“I’m going to sell, based on the guy being way too unpredictable,” said Keefe. “He can have another two or three good starts following the All-Star break, but all it takes with him is to sleep wrong one night and he’s a puddle for the rest of the season… He’s been good as of late, but I’m going to sell because I don’t think you can rely on him being this good consistently the second half of the season.”

Buy or Sell: The Red Sox being sellers at the trade deadline?

“I’m going to buy, but with an asterisk. I don’t think they’re going to trade Jon Lester, which would be the ultimate sell job. I think they’ll find a way to bring him back next year,” said Keefe. “I think Jake Peavy will be gone, Jonny Gomes will be gone, and I think they’ll trade Koji Uehara as well. I think they should be sellers, and they will be sellers, so I’ll buy them being sellers.”

Buy or Sell: The Home Run Derby as an event?

“I think they need to add more skill events, because there is nothing going on today. This whole All-Star break is nothing; it’s the derby (Monday) and the All-Star game (Tuesday). I think they should add more to it,” said Keefe. “I’m not going to say get rid of the derby, because there are probably a lot of kids who love it. But I want to see who the fastest guy is, who has the best arm in the outfield and best arm from behind the plate. Come up with whatever other skill games you want and put them all together.

“There are ways to tweak the derby; there have been years where it lasted too long,” added Keefe. “But all-in-all, I’ll buy it as an event.”

Buy or Sell: Andrew Wiggins being untouchable in a potential Kevin Love trade?

“I have to sell, completely,” said Keefe. “I’m not saying it’s an easy decision to trade the number one overall pick, particularly one like Wiggins. But to get a player like Kevin Love, I don’t think you can pair a better player with LeBron,” said Keefe. “[Love is still] insanely young — he’s only six years older than Wiggins. I think you have to do it, so I would sell on him being untouchable. You have to give up something good to get something good.”

Buy or Sell: The Rockets being able to pull off a deal for Rondo?

“I’m going to sell, and it’s an easy sell,” said Keefe. “Straight-up, there is no way they can do it. They traded Jeremy Lin in a salary dump. Omer Asik isn’t official was a salary dump. Wisely they didn’t match on Chandler Parsons because I don’t think that was a great match; he was great when he was making $800,000, but I don’t need him right under $15 million a season. But those were three legitimate trade pieces that they had. I don’t love all those guys,m but they were pieces they could have traded.

“Is Patrick Beverely and Terrence Jones going to get it done? And they really don’t have much in the way of draft capital,” said Keefe. “I love how everybody says they could get a third team involved, but what they hell are they going to give that third team? I can see them having interest; I think Rondo-Harden-Howard would be a great group. But I don’t see any way they can get it done so I’ll sell.”




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