The biggest news of the NBA offseason broke early Friday afternoon when LeBron James announced his decision to return to Cleveland to play for his hometown Cavaliers.

On “Celtics at 7”, host Adam Kaufman delved into the local issue: How does the King’s move affect the C’s? In short, Kaufman says it’s not good; not at all.

The Boston Globe’s Baxter Holmes joined the show in the second segment to offer his insights and explore the Celts’ future as it pertains to the Kevin Love rumors, Rajon Rondo’s impending free agency, and also to discuss the keys from Summer League.

As for Rondo, Kaufman believes it’s time to trade the All-Star point guard. Find out why by listening to the podcast below.

Celtics @ 7: Part 1

Celtics @ 7: Part 2

Celtics @ 7: Part 3

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