MILTON – Have you ever walked into a restaurant, even someplace you have never been, and suddenly you feel right at home? That’s the kind of feeling you get when you walk into The Plate in Milton.

Suzanne Lombardi is a chef who always has a lot on her plate. She shops daily for the finest and freshest local produce. She crafts gourmet sandwiches by hand. And she pours her heart into her craft.

“The Plate is a small kitchen doing handcrafted comfort food with a team of people who are really excited about cooking and food,” she said. “Hopefully they come in and see us working and they see the produce we’re working with and it’s just a really nice atmosphere.”

“When you walk in there’s a big counter that was really designed to showcase all of our food outside of a case. They’re going to see a lot of fresh baked goods. We really go the extra mile to make everything in house.”

She really does mean everything. They make the English Muffins and cinnamon donuts from scratch.

Sandwiches are filled with farm-fresh roasted beets and housemade ricotta, or oven baked turkey meatloaf with house-made curried apricot ketchup.

There’s even a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with a smoky paprika tomato soup, and an incredible Southern-style biscuit sandwich.

“Made fresh every day; classic buttermilk biscuit. You have to have a really special sort of hand to keep them delicate,” Suzanne explained. “It’s layered with some housemade red pepper jelly, a wedge of local sharp cheddar cheese and some locally smoked ham.”

From mac and cheese to chicken salad to French almond brioche, nothing ends up on your plate if it isn’t fresh, simple, and tasty.

“I think you’ll hear a lot of chefs say that if you start with good ingredients there’s not a lot you need to do to it,” Sizanne said. “We definitely try to do that.”

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