BOSTO (CBS) – More people are riding bicycles than ever before. Most cyclists put on a helmet and think they are protected, but the I-Team found that’s not necessarily true.

No one will argue you are safer riding with a helmet than without one, but as our cycling culture keeps growing, the I-Team found some troubling numbers.

According to federal data, while bike riding is up 30 percent in recent years, the number of bike related concussions grew twice as fast, spiking 67 percent.

“They’re protecting against major injuries to the skull and head, but they don’t absorb enough energy to prevent a much more common type of injury, concussion,” said Dr. Subu Magge of Lahey Medical Center.

While the world has focused attention on preventing concussions on the ball-field, we found the Consumer Product Safety Commission has not tested standards for bike helmets in 15 years.

Most helmets protect against direct hits to the top of the head and are tested with extreme force. But concussions tend to be caused by a more common type of cycling impact – hitting the side of your head.


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