By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

WEARE, NH (CBS) – Cameras mounted on uniforms are the future for the Weare, New Hampshire Police Department.

All 12 officers will have to wear them while on duty.

It is a direct result of several incidents of police misconduct.

“I hate to use the corruption word but I think there was a degree of corruption,” said Chief John Velleca, who took over late last year. “I think poor hiring played into a lot of this, and training was a problem.”

The cameras cost $300 and will be in use in about a month.

“It protects the public against police misconduct and it protects the officers against false accusations,” said Chief Velleca.

The cameras are made by Taser.

Weare Police Officer Shane Arsenault says the cameras will be a testament to his team’s professionalism despite recent headlines.

“I believe this will actually help make them shine a little bit more instead of continuously getting beaten down,” said Arsenault.



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