There’s nothing quite like biting into a nice, juicy piece of steak. You can’t eat filet mignon every night, so if you’re looking for great beef on a budget – steak tips might be your solution. Did you know that they’re a regional dish? Outside of New England, most people have never heard of steak tips. Phantom found the top tips around.

Greenhouse Wood Fired Pub

Kicking off the Great 8 is The Greenhouse Wood Fired Pub in Mendon. This is a local favorite for big portions of heartwarming food, like cast iron skillets of mac and cheese and overloaded burgers. But Phantom’s favorite plate is the impressive pile of marinated steak tips, arranged around a mound of bleu cheese mashed potatoes, topped with crispy onion rings, and drizzled with sweet Jameson Irish whiskey sauce.

Shula’s 347 Grill
Providence, R.I.

Shula’s 347 Grill in Providence is part steak house and part sports bar. This modern, casual eatery, located right next to the Dunkin’ Donuts center, serves steaks worthy of the Lombardi Trophy, because they’re always hand-selected for the ultimate blend of marbling, tenderness, consistency, and flavor. The top seller is the indulgent wet aged New York Strip . But the blackened tenderloin tips with Béarnaise sauce are just as tasty, for a fraction of the price.

All Seasons Table

Another Great 8 winner is All Seasons Table in Malden. In a sleek, sophisticated setting serving sushi, Mai Tais and Chinese food, the last thing you’d expect to find is a fantastic steak tip. And yet these melt-in-your-mouth beauties are a must order, marinated in garlic and pepper sauce.

“It’s made with peppers and onions and it’s all stir-fried in a pan. They will melt in your mouth, delicious, absolutely delicious.”

Boston Tavern
Middleboro, West Bridgewater

Boston Tavern in Middleboro and West Bridgewater boasts food, fun and a little bit of Boston history all crammed into one restaurant. There’s an all-star appetizer lineup of finger foods including hand-battered onions rings, golden mozzarella sticks, and plump chicken wings. The Big Papi Burger is stacked with bacon, mushroom, and onions. And the steak tips are butchered in house, perfectly lean, and triple-brushed with your choice of sauces, like honey barbecue or teriyaki.

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Orchard Street Chop Shop
Dover, N.H.

Located inside an historic old firehouse in Dover, New Hampshire, the Orchard Street Chop Shop was the first prime steakhouse in the Granite State when it opened in 2004. Today, it’s still the place to go when you want to eat some meat like the 28 ounce bone-in Tomahawk for two, or something more casual like the blackened steak tips served with rice and beans.

Hugh O’Neill’s

Another Great 8 winner is Hugh O’Neill’s in Malden Center. This Irish pub serves all of the classics from the Emerald Isle, like Guinness Stew cooked in stout, stick to your ribs Shepherd’s Pie and crispy beer battered Fish and Chips. But nothing pairs with a pint more perfectly than some of Hugh O’Neill’s juicy steak tips served with a heaping pile of creamy mashed potatoes.

Harry’s Bar and Grill

Harry’s Bar and Grill in Middleboro is a loud and lively pub with an aviation theme, and food that will have your taste buds flying. They’re known for their top notch wings and roast beef sandwiches, but Phantom prefers the Aztec Steak tips that are marinated in a housemade dressing, fire-grilled, and served with potatoes, vegetable, and a sweet slice of corn bread.

New Bridge Café

Rounding out the Great 8 is the legendary New Bridge Cafe. This Chelsea institution serves the juiciest, sweetest, most sought-after tips you could ever taste. In 1975, when they decided to start selling steak tips, they had no idea they’d struck gold. To this day, people come from all over New England come to taste these magnificent morsels. While the tips themselves are tender, it’s the sauce that really puts them over the top. But don’t bother to ask what’s in it. The secret recipe is more heavily guarded than Fort Knox.

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