BOSTON (CBS) — Keefer Madness has featured numerous animals, and a few times, they’ve been on the attack.

There are plenty of predators in the animal kingdom that would have no problem taking out a human, but WHAM13 in Rochester, New York is reporting on a very interesting attack.

A beaver leapt out of the water and attacked a man who was kayaking last week, and was able to do some damage. It had a strong hold on the kayaker’s arm, and it took multiple blows with a paddle to knock it loose.

The man is recovering from bite wounds to his back and arm, while the beaver did not make it out alive. The carcass is now being examined for rabies.

“I thought beavers had a nicer temperament, so maybe it is rabies,” said Keefe. “But to go out and attack someone in a kayak, it seems like a blood lust, or a thirst of some kind.”

“So once a beaver gets a taste for say, human meat, now it has that taste and it’s looking for more,” added Adam Jones. “Next thing you know it’s not just waiting to nibble on a toe in the water…. now it’s out for a kayak, tipping over the boat.”

“This is no laughing matter,” said Jones. “I mean we’re laughing at it, but really Keefe, this is a serious situation”

“Just add another thing to the list: Crocodile, alligator, great white, angry elephant, angry beaver,” said Keefe.

Take a listen as Jones and Keefe break down the story, and toss out a few famous beaver references:



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