BOSTON (CBS) — The San Antonio Spurs avenged last season’s NBA Finals loss to the Miami Heat, embarrassing LeBron James and the South Beach trio on their way to the franchise’s fifth NBA Championship.

Much like they did in Games 3 and 4 in Miami, Tim Duncan and the Spurs blew out the Heat with a 104-87 victory in Game 5 to send LeBron and company packing for a summer of uncertainty. For San Antonio, the question is will Duncan retire now on top of the game or will he come back and try to win another title or two.

Brian Robb of joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Monday morning to discuss the future of both franchises, and believes that Duncan isn’t ready to ride off into the sunset just yet.

“I feel like he’s coming back,” said Robb. “If you’re Tim Duncan, given how well he played in this series and that your whole team is coming back, I can’t see him wanting to walk away from this. He’s brought five titles to the franchise, so why not try to add to your legacy when you have that opportunity to reach Jordan at six, or even go for your seventh?”

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As for Miami, James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all have opt-out clauses and can become free agents. Robb thinks the trio will be back in Miami next season, but it’s no sure thing.

“This is a situation where, as impressive as four finals appearances are, at the same time if Ray Allen doesn’t make that three last year they are 1-3 in the finals. This was one of the least-competitive finals you’ll find over those last three games. Getting run out of the building in three straight games, two on your home floor, that isn’t going to inspire a lot of confidence in LeBron to think it’s a sure-thing he re-ups for a few more years.

“I do think he’ll go back, and Bosh and Wade will try to take pay cuts and you’ll see them try to lure another star, or at least another couple strong role players,” said Robb. “They’re limited in what they can do unless they take some serious pay cuts… I’m not sure you’ll get all of them to agree to that though.

“Everything is on the table, so you can’t rule out (LeBron) looking at other destinations.”

Robb also discusses LeBron James sitting for the final seven minutes of Sunday’s Game 5, and what makes the Spurs such a good franchise. Listen to the full podcast below:



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