jun8DADIt is a delightful day for all of the Dads and everyone else today. The air is very dry with dewpoints in the 40s and the temperatures will max out in the upper 70s to near 80 in most locations. The wind will be a bit brisk at times from the northwest up to 10-20 mph and that will be blowing some pine pollen off the trees and making a mess again in places after Friday’s cleansing rainfall. Otherwise, it should be great for outside activities including golf, tennis, running, biking, hiking, walking, grilling, boating, beaching, etc. The tide will be high just before 2 pm and the ocean temperatures are in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. The waves will be running at 2-4 feet for the most part. It will be just fine at Fenway Park at the 1:35 pm game as the Red Sox host the Indians.


jun11PATTERNThere is an upper level disturbance that is shifting offshore this morning. It has been creating varying amounts of clouds across portions of the region. The overall column of atmosphere is relatively dry so the risk of showers has pushed offshore now and as more stabilization occurs during the day, most of the patches of clouds will disappear leaving abundant sunshine. The ridge of high pressure to the west will be building into the Northeast to produce a marvelous Monday with 100% of the possible sunshine most of the day. Some streaks of high cloudiness might arrive to reveal a colorful sunset. The air will remain comfortably dry with the temperatures reaching slightly higher levels in the lower 80s. Expect more humid conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday with some showers mostly late Monday night into early Tuesday then a round of showers and storms on Wednesday. After that, if all goes well, we’ll enjoy some more splendid weather at the end of the week.

earlyHEATIn the meantime, some people have been wondering where the heat is. In other words, some of them are craving 90 degrees or more and they think that it is long overdue while others hope it stays away longer. In checking Boston’s records over the past 25 years, I discovered that the city’s first 90 degrees has occurred 3 days in April, 8 days in May, 13 days in June and once in July. The earliest first day at 90 or higher happened on April 7, 2010 and the latest on July 14, 1998. In 1998, it hit 89 on March 31 and that last week of the month was extremely warm in the 70s and 80s with three new record high temperatures. While there were some 80s sprinkled through May and June, 90 was elusive in the city until mid-July!! Last year, the first 90+ was on May 31. It is unlikely that Boston will bake at 90 this week but some middle to upper 80s are possible in the area.


On WBZ News, you can watch the weathercasts of Danielle Niles this morning through 9 0’clock and check out my reports this evening at 6:30 and 11 o’clock. Enjoy your Sunday and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


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