ACTON (CBS) – Sixteen-year-old Paul Nelson of Acton takes Flag Day more seriously than most people his age.

The Acton teen built a permanent fire pit at Woodlawn Cemetery for retiring U.S. flags. A Boy Scout on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, Paul wanted to honor veterans and the country.

On Saturday, Paul and his Acton Boy Scout troop held their inaugural flag burning ceremony conducted by the local American Legion. A number of veterans were in attendance. It was the first flag disposal ceremony for many.

Flag burning ceremony in Acton. (Photo courtesy

Flag burning ceremony in Acton. (Photo courtesy

People attending the ceremony brought the flags that were retired. The scouts cut sections from one flag – the 13 stripes and block of stars – then placed them into the fire pit piece by piece.

Paul raised over $2000 for this project. He says he had no trouble finding people willing to donate to the project.



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