BOSTON (CBS) — All hockey season long, Cam Neely stonewalled Felger & Mazz whenever the Bruins president was asked if he’d be reprising his role as Sea Bass in the upcoming sequel to the classic comedy film “Dumb & Dumber.”

Now that the season’s over, the truth has come out.

Sources told CBS Boston that while most of “Dumb And Dumber To” was filmed on the West Coast, Neely filmed his scene in front of a green screen in Boston a few weeks ago. Neely admitted this week in an interview with the Boston Herald’s Jen Royle that he indeed shot his part, and that it’s now just a matter of whether or not it makes it into the final cut of the film.

“It’s funny, it wasn’t originally [planned], but there was something shot not that long ago that may make the final cut,” Neely told Royle. “You can shoot something and it ends up on the cutting room floor, so … .”

As for all his denials to Felger & Mazz this year, it appears as though Neely was being truthful.

“[The Farrelly brothers] actually approached me after the playoffs were done and said, ‘We think we have something that makes sense to put Sea Bass back in.’ They were able to do it here in Boston, so we’ll see if it makes it,” Neely said.

Earlier this year, amid a flurry of rumors that he’d be in the movie and despite his name being listed on the film’s IMDB page, Neely told Felger & Mazz that scheduling issues were likely to prevent him from shooting any scenes.

Now that the scenes have been shot, it’s up to the Farrellys to include them in the movie. If not, they may have to learn the hard way what a butt-kicking from Sea Bass feels like.

Check out some of Neely’s acting chops from the 1994 classic, as well as the trailer for the upcoming November sequel, below:


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