nov11TEMPGRAPHSummery weather is kicking in for the weekend as temperatures rise over 80 except along the coast. Contrary to what many people think, this is not the first beautiful, toasty weekend of the year. Many have forgotten the sensational weather of May 10, 11 and 12 when Boston’s high temperatures were 80, 80 and 85 respectively. May’s mean temperature ended up slightly under a degree above the average. There have not been any days yet that I would classify as truly hot. Last year, May 31 was 94 degrees and June 1 was 92. The next days at 90 or higher held off until June 23-25 when it was 91, 95 and 92. Presently, I am not seeing any potential really hot days through at least all of next week and certainly no heat waves but, fear not, for those of you who worship sizzling weather, I am happy that your time is approaching for late June and July. The many global factors that we analyze to predict seasonal weather are favoring a cooler July than last year when the mean temperature was a whopping 3.7 degrees above average!!!

2013_RPM_12KMThe weekend is featuring plentiful sunshine but I cannot rule out patches of puffy clouds this afternoon and fewer cumulus and more feathery cirrus clouds tomorrow. One of the computer models, however, is hinting at a few isolated showers both today and tomorrow which I hope that we can ignore. I do not see any major reason for this prediction except that there will be some instability crossing ME this afternoon so I would think that the shower threat should be mainly poised over that state. Tomorrow, a weak seabreeze boundary will set up over eastern MA but with the absence of high humidity without any apparent meaningful short wave, I will choose to ignore that solution for now. Hopefully, I will not have to revise this forecast late today. It just seems that the shower threat doesn’t ramp up until the middle of the coming week. With that said, there is a risk of a band of showers pushing into western New England later Monday.

2014 BEACH BOATINGDecent weather is on tap through the weekend for beach and boating interests. The wind will switch from northwest to southeast closer to the coast today and that will be repeated tomorrow. The breeze will be no higher than about 6-14 mph. during each day. Seas will run 1 up to 3 feet. Remember that the ocean temperatures are in the middle 50s but the air temperatures will max out mainly in the range of 68-74 at the beaches. The tide will be high around 7 am and 7:30 pm today and 8am and 8:30 pm tomorrow. The humidity will remain low through the weekend with dewpoints in the lower to middle 50s.

Danielle Niles is providing weathercasts on WBZ News through 10 o’clock this morning and you are invited to watch my weathercasts at 6 and 11 pm tonight. Have a happy and safe weekend.



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