BOSTON (CBS) – It was a busy week on the rumor mill for the Celtics, who have all but anointed their newest Big Three of Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, and Carmelo Anthony – at least in the eyes of fans.

On Saturday’s “Celtics @ 7”, host Adam Kaufman addressed the rumors and explored how realistic they are, along with whether the rumblings would even be a good thing for the C’s.

Play-by-play man Sean Grande offered his thoughts in the show’s second segment after first suggesting the notion of this mix of players back in March. He’s of the mindset that Anthony would be a great fit in Boston, despite the criticisms regularly sent in his direction, but he also believes Rondo, Love, and Anthony will all be playing in their current cities come Opening Night.

Enjoy the complete podcast below.

Celtics @ 7: Part 1

Celtics @ 7: Part 2

Celtics @ 7: Part 3

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