LEOMINSTER (CBS) – A man robbed and then carjacked at a Leominster gas station is still managing to look on the bright side.

“It could have turned out a lot worse,” said Roy, who preferred not to give his first name.

The wild story unfolded early Thursday morning at the gas station where Roy had stopped to gas up his Toyota 4Runner.

Surveillance video shows Roy at the pump where he is suddenly approached by two men from behind.

“As I turned, the tall one raised a gun, stuck it in my face, and said don’t (expletive) look at me,” he recalled. “He had his face covered he had a hoody on, so I figured he was serious.”

Roy said the robber asked for his wallet so he took it out and handed him his money. “He took the money he said, ‘what else is in there,’ I showed him there was nothing else in there,  put my wallet back in, kept pumping the gas and then he said ‘where’s your keys?’”

At that point, Roy worked up the courage to ask one question.

“Before I gave him my keys, I asked him if I could keep my house key,” he said. The thief obliged and Roy kept his house keys.

Roy was short $17 and lost his car, but as things turned out, it didn’t take police very long to find it.

Roy’s 4Runner was found in Worcester and police say the men who robbed him had carjacked a woman at gunpoint in Worcester and took her car to Leominster. That vehicle was found not far from the gas station where Roy was robbed.

Leominster police Lt. Michael Goldman said the supects “carjacked a car in Worcester, drove to Leominster, did whatever business they were going to do in Leominster, carjacked a car to get back to Worcester.”

Leominster police say at least one suspect has been arrested in Worcester.



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