BEDFORD (CBS) – Bedford residents said when they heard the explosion they knew something terrible had happened at Hanscom Field Saturday night.

Living near the airport they say they hear loud noises all the time, but this one was different.

Residents who live right behind Hanscom say they were shaken when they heard the explosion and learned a private jet had crashed on takeoff, killing seven people.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

The private jet went off Runway 11 in a wooded area and burst into flames, which did cause concern for neighbors.

“You knew it was pretty bad. I guess living so close you just hope that the forest wasn’t going to catch and maybe catch some of the houses,” Keith Young said.

Michelle Thompson lives on South Road in Bedford, separated by a fence and woods from the crash site about 200 yards away.

But neighbors who live on Genetti Street, such as Larry David and Jeff Johnson, said they don’t mind living so close to Hanscom and are used to the noises and overall feel safe.

“We’ve lived here for seven years and never had any concerns at all,” Johnson said.

David agreed. “It’s never been a fear for me. I never really worried about it,” he said.


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