By Paul Burton

LOWELL (CBS) — Roxanna Corea has missed a lot during her senior year because she was being treated for Lupus.

She was afraid she would also miss the prom but a lot of generous people teamed up to get Corea everything she needed to go, including the perfect date.


“It means a lot because I asked a lot of people and they all said no,” she said.

For past year, Roxanna has been battling a terrible disease called Lupus and has had to undergo chemotherapy. Her hair fell out and she’s been very sick.

“I want to let people know just because I have Lupus, doesn’t mean I can’t go anywhere,” Corea said.

But with medical bills piling up, she says the family simply couldn’t afford it.

Now, thanks to generous people like Brandon Power who posted her story on Instagram, Roxanna found her prince charming – Jose Fontanez will be her date.

“I just wanted to help someone out. I know my sister didn’t go to her prom and it really bugged her so to think someone going by themselves, it feels good to help someone out,” he said.

Many businesses also helped provide the tux, limo and even her dress

The Flower Mill Shop is providing the flowers.

“As long as we can make someone smile, it’s awesome,” Joanna Hall said.

And smile she did as makeup artist Stacey Hernandez got her ready for Prom.

As for those who told her no?

“Guess what, I am going to look all pretty and they are going to regret it,” Corea said. “I feel very special because many people took the time to hear my story and allow my dream to come true.”




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