By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – This is the 12th Memorial Day since we began the war in Afghanistan.

Just think about that.

Twelve years.

The longest war in American history. One that some started calling “the forgotten war” a few years ago – a nickname long used for the Korean War.

And so it’s news when the Commander-in-Chief pays a visit. President Obama dropped in for the always brief appearance over the weekend, spending a couple of hours in Afghanistan to say thank you.

He went to Bagram Air Field and spoke to about 3,000 men and women – some of whom were in elementary school when the 9/11 terror attacks happened.

The president told them the end was near. And that he would soon decide on long term troop levels as the U.S. continues to draw down forces and help Afghanistan finally take over its own security.

We may learn more about this later this week when President Obama delivers an address on his foreign policy.

He’s expected to say that almost everyone is coming home.

The Pentagon is asking for 10,000 troops to stay behind, down from the almost 33,000 serving there now. And while the White House is said to be considering a smaller residual force it’s clear that America’s longest war is going to be even longer for thousands of our sons and daughters.

The President speaks at West Point on Wednesday.

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