BOSTON (CBS) – I admit it – when I visit a web site that runs a list of their “most popular” stories, I usually take a look at it.

It’s important to try to stay up on what people like, as baffling as that may prove to be at times.

Times like Tuesday night, when I glanced at the “most popular” list in the “Life” section of USA Today. It was hard to miss, sharing top billing with a report on a new study that found Axl Rose has the greatest range of any pop singer of our time, better than Aretha Franklin.

But that questionable news didn’t even crack the hit list.

Among the leaders were: “Eva Longoria’s Cannes dress sets off speculation.” As James Bond might say: but of course it did.

Also, “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get dissed by Versailles,” which I bet has something to do with the reality-wedding show they were planning. If the French do pull the plug, will people on the guest list get a raincheck for the next one?

Maybe made up as part of a day/night doubleheader?

“Miranda Lambert debuts tiniest waist yet,” and apparently, enquiring minds want to know more. I for one wish her and her waist a long, successful run.

“See Jessica Chastain nearly lose her skirt” leaves me baffled. Who is she?

And is “See” her first name?

Some might find it disturbing that so many people find these stories compelling, but I would argue that the public is willing to draw the line at some point. And it looks like the headline:

“Kris Jenner touches down in Paris” is that point.

There is hope for America.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:



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