BOSTON (CBS) – Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb are radio guys, they don’t often do public service announcements — but when they do they come every so often in a segment they like to call “Know Your Armpits Of America.”

Consider it their warning to North American travelers, providing them with local news stories of places they should avoid at all costs, because let’s face it, there are some places in America that are less than desirable.

So to educate you about these hell holes Toucher and Rich played another round Monday morning.

– The first news story was about a school employee and his friend attempting to make sweet love in public — not to each other, but to a herd of cows.

Did that happen in…

A.) Alabama

B.) New York

C.) Arkansas

– The last news story involved a woman being investigated for negligent circumstances after her pit bull attacked a young girl. The girl ended up being okay, but when news showed up to do a story the woman walked out of her home drunk and wouldn’t leave the reporter alone.

Did that happen in…

A.) Oregon

B.) Texas

C.) Alabama

Listen below and play along, and when in doubt pick Florida:



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