By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Walking is still painful for her but 44-year-old Mary Moore says she is so thankful to be alive after falling onto the tracks at Back Bay Station earlier this week.

“I had no time to break my fall or anything. It hurt very, very badly because all my weight just went onto railing,” Moore said.

More said she was waiting for the train and drinking her coffee. She said she walked close to the edge because she wanted to see if the train was coming.

A woman fell onto the Orange Line tracks at Back Bay station. (MBTA surveillance image)

A woman fell onto the Orange Line tracks at Back Bay station. (MBTA surveillance image)

“And when I took another step my left foot slipped and bam,” Moore explained.

Security cameras capture Moore falling right into the pit and landing just inches from the deadly third rail. Moore, who is blind in one eye, said her fall happened so quickly she could not react in time.

Immediately a number of passengers also waiting on the platform rushed to rescue her.

“I am thankful to God I am alive and thankful for all those gentlemen who hopped in there and risking their lives to get me out of the way,” Moore said.

She is astonished at all of those who came to her rescue and lifted her back onto the platform.

“Anyone who helped me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Moore said.

She received several stiches on her head and a few bumps and bruises but is expected to recover.



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