BOSTON (CBS) – Two weeks ago, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Jon Wallach really wanted to go to a Bruins game at the Garden. So he flexed his muscle with the station and Bruins brass to get himself a media pass for Bruins-Canadiens Game 2.

Rather than hang out in the press box, Wallach instead went and stood behind Dave Goucher and Bob Beers of the Bruins Radio Network . . . for the entire game.

Wallach tried to stay out of the way and Dave and Bob were good sports about it. Goucher even credited Wallach for the win:

Fred talked about it the following Monday and found it very odd that Wallach not only wanted to stand behind the radio broadcast team, but to stay there for all three periods as well.

This was all an afterthought until Friday morning during the crossover with Gresh and Zolak when the incident was discussed once again, prompting fans of the show on Twitter to start a new internet trend: #Wallaching

What is #Wallaching? #Wallaching is when someone or something is just kind of off in the distance, hovering in the background while something more interesting and noteworthy is taking place right in front of them.

Listen below for the dictionary definition of #Wallaching:

Here’s some of the better #Wallaching examples:

Tweet your #Wallaching submissions to @Toucherandrich, @FredToucher, @KenGriffeyRules, @ScottZolak and @GreshandZo!



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