BOSTON (CBS) – The Bruins took hold of the Montreal series in what was a very emotional contest Saturday night at the TD Garden.

It’s always emotional when the Bruins and Habs get together, but Game 5 was just at a whole another level.

You had your typical dust-ups after the whistle on the ice, plus the hatred even spilled over onto the benches. Shawn Thornton squirted water at P.K. Subban while seated, and Milan Lucic was taunting Subban while flexing his muscle on the bench.

The emotion was clearly visible during the game, and that sentiment spilled over to the streets afterwards when Adolfo was interviewing people for another Drunken Recap!

Adolfo’s first interview subject sounded exactly like Larry Flynt and got nervous when he heard police sirens.

Well it wouldn’t be fair to just get one side of the story, so Adolfo interviewed a Canadiens fan too.

This one Habs fan was very French-sounding, which Fred thinks is all for show. Rich spliced together the answers from his responses to put together a very funny sentence.

Listen below for the latest Drunken Bruins Recap:


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