BOSTON (CBS) – The NFL Network’s Albert Breer called in to the Toucher & Rich Show Wednesday morning to discuss the upcoming draft, with round one slated for Thursday night.

Breer got in-depth with the most intriguing part of this year’s draft: the quarterback position. There is no surefire no. 1 overall pick like an Andrew Luck this season, and Breer believes that these signal-callers will be hurt by the 2011 Draft.

He pointed out that of the top 16 picks in that draft, 12 have already made the Pro Bowl. Three of the four players that haven’t were quarterbacks. Breer believes that this will make teams less likely to reach for a quarterback if there are still talented position players on the board.

Breer believes that this will hurt Teddy Bridgewater more than anyone, who Breer thinks may fall all the way to the second round.

The quarterback from Louisville has drawn comparisons to Andy Dalton, and Breer said, “A lot of evaluators out there look at him and say, ‘He could be a good starting quarterback in the NFL, but is there really that much room to improve?'”

The NFL Network analyst believes that Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles both have higher ceilings than Bridgewater.

Breer said that he doesn’t think either of those two will fall out of the top 20. He believes Manziel won’t get past Minnesota picking at no. 8, and thinks that he could go higher, especially if one of the top four teams trades out.

He then said Bortles could fall to Arizona at no. 20, but it’s likely that he’ll be picked before that.

In terms of who will go no. 1 overall, it’s clear to Breer that it’ll be the polarizing Jadeveon Clowney. He told Toucher & Rich that, “As good as this draft class is, he’s still a cut above everyone else.”

Regarding his reportedly poor work ethic, Breer doesn’t believe that will be a problem playing for Bill O’Brien and Romeo Crennel. Breer also cited Houston’s strength coach as a motivator, as he coached at South Carolina during Clowney’s freshman year and has a reputation for being able to get the defensive lineman going.

It may come as a shock to Patriots fans, but Breer also said that they shouldn’t be surprised if New England trades out of the first round.

You can listen to the entire interview below:


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