By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If you want to become a political reporter, it’s probably best if you don’t care about being popular.

If you’re doing the job properly, the people you’re covering won’t like you most of the time and fully half the people following your work will be furious at you for allegedly being in the tank with the other half.

But sometimes, enmity is your richest reward.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

That would be the case with fresh vitriol directed at political reporters as part of a more general tirade against the press, by none other than Donald Trump, a real estate developer, beauty pageant promoter and fake presidential candidate, once referred to by a major national magazine as “a short-fingered vulgarian.”

Reporters are really dishonest, especially political reporters, Trump told his hosts on a national TV talk show Monday. His evidence? That the press “does not want to talk about Benghazi and has been unfair in its coverage of Donald Sterling.”

On that latter point, perhaps Trump feels a special kinship to Sterling. They’re both filthy rich and richly ignorant when it comes to respect for other races. Google “Trump and racism” if you have too much time on your hands and want to know more.

I could go on at great length about Trump’s fact-free birther smears of President Obama, the $40 million fraud case pending against Trump in New York or the incalculable damage done by his ignorant comments linking vaccines with autism.

But I won’t do that.

I’m feeling too good about being in a profession that draws the scorn of, arguably, America’s best-known short-fingered vulgarian.

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