CHATHAM (CBS) — State and local officials have created a brochure to warn tourists about sharks off Cape Cod but some are saying the brochures go too far.

See: Shark Brochure

The front cover shows a toothy Great White Shark, the kind spotted in Chatham and Wellfleet over the past few summers, along with information to stay safe in the water. The brochure lists the basics such as “don’t swim too far off-shore,” “If seals are present, don’t go swimming,” and “don’t wear sparkly jewelry while swimming.”

It may be common sense for those living on the shore, but it’s information tourists may not know.

People WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields spoke to Monday, were split on whether they thought the brochures were over the top. One person said the Great White on the front of the brochure was “scary,” while others saw no problem with it.

Regardless, the 415,000 brochures are set to be given out this summer by area harbormasters. The brochures were paid for with $22,500 from a state program to raise awareness of sharks and educate the public about what to do if they see one.

In 2012, a team of marine biologists put satellite tags on two Great White sharks off the coast of Chatham. The data from the tags shows the reason there have been so many Cape shark sightings in recent years is that they might be gathering there to mate.



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