may1MONTHYTEMPSAfter a very unusual 5 consecutive months of “negative” mean temperatures, April entered the record books as exactly average as the warm and cold days cancelled each other out. There is no question that much of the winter especially March was colder than we have been accustomed to in recent years. We endured a more typical “old-fashioned New England winter” with snowfall across most of the region somewhat above average but definitely not anywhere close to record-breaking. Most of us are happy that May is here yielding a greening landscape with beautiful flowering trees and shrubs. It is a beautiful time of the year as average daily high temperatures rise through the 60s into the 70s. Yet, there are always spoilers to every season. Spring comes with a price meaning the return of nasty tree pollen, lots of endless outside projects and yard work, loud lawnmowers and those annoying leaf blowers, black flies, mosquitoes, bees, ants and thunderstorms. Because of that, one of my neighbors actually admitted that he liked winter better and I replied that I couldn’t agree with him more! The only thing that we look forward to in late spring and summer is no monthly heating bills! Just kidding my friends! I enjoy spring and summer at times but I don’t enjoy summer quite as much as many folks do. In my younger years, I loved summer but times do change. Oh well, there is nothing we can do about the weather and any of the seasons so we must try to look on the bright side and enjoy them all as much as possible.

D_2013_HOUR_BY_HOUR_PRECIP_CLOUDSIn this first full week of May ahead, expect average temperatures with highs mostly in the lower to middle 60s and overnight lows mostly in the lower to middle 40s. There will plentiful pollen in the air as the wind gusts up to 20-30 mph tomorrow with less wind slated for much of the rest of the week. The threat of scattered showers and isolated thunder will be highest this afternoon with a lower risk tomorrow and Tuesday with no rain risk on Wednesday when it should be completely sunny. Thanks to some morning sunshine, it may warm up to 70 on Thursday as clouds roll in during the afternoon with a round of showers at night. The subsequent batch of rain is possible next weekend when the coast may be quite cool due to a sea breeze.



Good luck to the thousands of participants in the Walk For Hunger today.

Danielle Niles will provide updated weather information on WBZ News through 9am and I shall return later today for WBZ News at 6:30 pm and 11 pm.



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