BOSTON (CBS) – It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.” Play along with Adam Jones and Rich Keefe on the following topics…

1. The Bruins and Canadiens will face off in the second round of the playoffs sometime here in the near future as they await the rest of the teams in the first round to finish up their series. Buy or Sell the NHL should allow teams to play when they’re ready, rather than have to wait around for the other teams to advance.

“I sell that idea. At some point you’re going to have someone waiting. It’s frustrating. We want these games to get going. We all want this thing to get underway, but at the same time I understand why the NHL does it this way. It’s okay to keep it the way it is,” said Jones.

2. The Chicago Blackhawks advanced after beating the St. Louis Blues in six games, four of which went into overtime, including one that went into triple overtime. Buy or Sell the Blackhawks having enough left in the tank to make it back to the Stanley Cup Finals.

“I buy the idea they can make it back, but because of the road out west, and how tough of a series it was digging out of an 0-2 deficit, I just think that the road out west is so difficult I can’t commit to them yet. Is that cheating?” asked Jones.

“So what you’re saying is if they don’t make it back to the Finals it won’t be because their legs are shot? It’ll be the competition?” asked Keefe.

“They would have to go through the Blues, Colorado and either San Jose or the Kings. That is a daunting, daunting road,” said Jones.

3. The Clippers protested the alleged racist remarks of their owner Donald Sterling by turning their warmup jerseys inside out so “Clippers” was hidden. Buy or Sell the Clippers should have done more besides the warm up routine.

“I buy that idea. I’m not one of those people who thinks they should have boycotted. Far be it for me to tell the players and Doc Rivers how they should feel and what they should do. Would it have sent a strong message to Donald Sterling? Of course. If we look back in 30, 40, 50 more years would that have been more memorable than throwing your warmup jersey mid-court? Of course. But I’m not gonna tell these guys what to do. At the same time I think they should have done a little bit more in their protest.”

4. The Red Sox, 12-14, open up a series against Tampa Tuesday night. Buy or Sell fielding as the team’s biggest problem.

“I’m usually not a big defense guy, but I buy that idea. Their defense has been atrocious. I think in a postseason series speed and defense really bears itself out. In a small sample size, four to seven games, a crippling error, or a mistake on the bases can really screw you over. If you can hit and you can pitch, defense is a secondary consideration over 162 games. But right now, defense is by far and away plaguing the Red Sox the most,” said Jones.

5. The Indiana Pacers, the no. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, find themselves in a very contested series against the no. 8 seeded Hawks. Buy or Sell the Pacers advancing to the next round.

“This is not an Atlanta thing. This is an Indiana thing. Indiana is a complete and total disaster. I don’t even know if they push it to seven games. I totally buy the idea that Indiana does not get out of this round,” said Jones to close out the segment.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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