HAMILTON (CBS) — A fire in Hamilton put the lives of an elderly couple in danger.

Sgt. Karen Wallace of Hamilton is a 28-year-veteran who has seen almost everything. While sitting in her patrol car in a parking lot at 4 a.m. Thursday, she got a call that would lead to a first for her – running into a house fire to help people inside.

When Wallace arrived on Savoy Road she found herself negotiating with an elderly man inside the front door, who didn’t want to leave.

“At one point I had to escort him out. I brought him out and while I was speaking with him, I noticed an elderly woman at the top of the stairs pacing back and forth,” Wallace said.

Unable to get the woman to come down without her shoes on, Wallace had to go back inside and upstairs to get the woman out.

“People can be very emotional and attached to their residence, you certainly understand that,” she said.

Firefighters arrived soon after and doused flames coming from a mattress. No major damage was done to the home.

The couple, along with a 5-year-old and his mother who were in the home, made it out without injury.

Wallace won’t take credit though, she says it was the 5-year-old boy who smelled the smoke and woke his mother up.

The State Fire Marshal is investigating the fire.




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