By Brian Robb, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Celtics have started what will be the team’s longest offseason since the 2006-07 season. With a six-season playoff streak snapped, the Celtics are at a crossroads in their rebuilding as a variety of offseason options wait on the table for Danny Ainge and Co. this summer. With tough calls awaiting for the NBA Draft, the team’s own free agents, and the trade market, it’s important to first get a grasp of where the team stands as currently assembled.

Guaranteed Contracts for Next Season

Rajon Rondo: $12.9 million
Gerald Wallace: $10.1 million
Jeff Green: $9.2 million
Brandon Bass: $6.9 million
Joel Anthony: $3.8 million (player option)
Vitor Faverani: $2.1 million
Kelly Olynyk: $2.1 million
Jared Sullinger: $1.42 million

Total: Eight players, 48.42 million

Analysis: Anthony is extremely likely to opt into his deal, given his age and decline over the past few years. Olynyk, Sullinger, and Faverani are on long-term deals, making them fit easily into the team’s plans. Wallace’s contract is nearly untradeable at this point with one more year remaining. Rondo, Bass and Green will be in contract years.

Unguaranteed Contracts

Keith Bogans: $5.28 million
Chris Johnson: $915,243
Chris Babb: $816,482
Phil Pressey: $816,482

Analysis: Like much of this year, Bogans will not be in uniform next year. It’s almost a guarantee he will be moved this summer to a team that will waive him. Johnson and Pressey are cheap parts of Boston’s future and are signed through 2017 (with team options every year). Babb will likely be trade bait more than anything else.

Unrestricted Free Agents

Jerryd Bayless, Kris Humphries

Analysis: Both players may be back for the right price. Humphries will command a long-term deal, but will be in-line for a significant pay cut from the 12 million dollars he earned last year. Bayless will probably be targeting 3.5 million again, but that’s no guarantee with his up-and-down numbers

Restricted Free Agent

Avery Bradley

Analysis: One of the toughest calls that Ainge will back this offseason. The team reportedly made a 4-year $24 million dollar extension to the shooting guard last offseason that Bradley turned down. The Celtics will undoubtedly extend a qualifying offer to Bradley, giving them the right to match any offer to him on the open market, but the question is how much is the guard worth? Another injury-plagued season has to make the front office lukewarm on his durability long-term.

Trade Exceptions: 3

Analysis: Boston has three trade exceptions totaling over $12.5 million dollars, the vast majority of which come from the blockbuster deal with the Brooklyn Nets last summer.

Draft Picks:

The Celtics will have two draft picks in the first round. One will come in the top eight spots, and the other will be Brooklyn’s 17th overall pick, which Boston acquired last summer. The Celtics traded their second round pick during last year’s draft in order to move up and select Kelly Olynyk. Here are the odds for Boston’s lottery pick after losing the lottery tiebreaker to the Jazz.

1st: 10.3%
2nd: 11.1%
3rd: 12.0%
4th: 0%
5th: 23.7%
6th: 34.2%
7th: 8.2%
8th: 0.3%

Next Important Day of Note:

The Celtics can’t make any moves of note until the NBA postseason ends, which means that the first date to circle on your calendar is May 20th for the NBA Draft Lottery. Boston’s first round selection will be finalized then, and the wheeling and dealing will start from there.

Brian Robb covers the Celtics for CBS Boston and contributes to, among other media outlets. You can follow him on Twitter @CelticsHub.


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