Toucher & Rich

BOSTON (CBS) – Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb are radio guys, they don’t often do public service announcements — but when they do they come every so often in a segment they like to call “Know Your Armpits Of America.”

Consider it their warning to North American travelers, providing them with local news stories of places they should avoid at all costs, because let’s face it, there are some places in America that are less than desirable.

So to educate you about these hell holes Toucher and Rich played another round Wednesday morning.

– The first news story was about a college student who broke into a spa last week by throwing a 100-pound flower pot threw a door. He then made his way through the spa, upstairs to the kitchen, heated up a hot pocket in the microwave and passed out in a pile of mac and cheese.

Did this happen in:

A.) Alabama

B.) Indiana

C.) New Mexico

– The second story involved a woman setting a man’s car on fire with gasoline after they got in a heated argument. The blaze was so big it could be seen from several blocks away. The argument that caused the violence? The young gentleman would not buy the lady a McFlurry.

Did this happen in:

A.) Alabama

B.) Georgia

C.) Florida

Listen below and play along, and when in doubt pick Florida:



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