BOSTON (CBS) – With a full five-hour show on Tuesday night, Adam Jones had plenty of time to play a little Over/Under on Game of Jones.

In this edition, Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics…

The # Of Games In Bruins-Red Wings Series: 5.5

“I’m going over, and the reason being is because the Bruins have not fared well against this Detroit team this season — they’re 1-3-0 against them. I’m picking the Bruins. I think it goes seven games though,” said Jones. “Give me the over.”

# Of David Krejci Points Per Game In Bruins-Red Wings Series: 1

“I’m gonna say over. He’ll at least be a point per game guy. It’s been arguably the best line in hockey. Give me the over. If he’s not had his best season, David Krejci has had his second best season of his career. He’s gonna continue to be a terror in the postseason. This is typically where he elevates his game,” said Jones.

# Of Points For Tyler Seguin In The Stars-Ducks Series: 6

“I think the criticism of him not being a postseason player is a little unfair. Last year he was a trainwreck, but the year before that he’s the one who forced a game seven with an overtime winner in game six against Toronto. It’s a little unfair to say he’s never produced in the postseason. I think this is where he starts to prove people wrong. I think Seguin is over that six point number and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Stars can beat Anaheim,” said Jones.

# Of Saves For Red Sox Closer Koji Uehara In 2014 Season: 30

“I’m gonna go under. Not to be negative, but I already wondered if there had to be some sort of regression. He had one of the most dominant relief seasons ever last year, and it was the best season from a WHIP standpoint in MLB history. So there has to be some regression. Maybe he misses a month, or he gets managed differently by the Red Sox, but I’m gonna take the under just given his age and the injuries already popping up,” said Jones.

The Average Annual Value (AAV) of Avery Bradley’s Next Contract: $6.5 Million

“If Jeff Green is $9 million a year, Avery Bradley should get more than $6.5 million. I’m not sure he’s a starting no. 2 guard in the league, but he’s a solid guard off the bench. He can give you some defense and knock down some threes. I think he gets more than that number, I’m not sure if it’s here in Boston, but he’ll get more than that,” said Jones in closing.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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