By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – What on earth happened on Friday when Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dancer whose recovery from her severe injuries in the marathon bombings has become a well-known inspirational story, left the set of a “Meet the Press” interview in tears?

She claims NBC misled her into thinking they would honor her request to not be part of a discussion about the alleged bombers.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

They claim they couldn’t have made such a promise, although their apology implies something like that did go on by including the word “miscommunication.”

Whatever happened, I hope it doesn’t cast a pall over the rest of the marathon anniversary coverage.

For every appalling moment where a pushy, insensitive journalist drives a bombing survivor to tears – through some kind of “miscommunication” or not – there have been hundreds of respectful, professional approaches made to survivors to tell their stories.

Many have chosen to speak with multiple news outlets. Some have chosen to tell their story once and have that suffice, and if you haven’t yet read the Boston Globe’s moving story on the Richard family, do so right away.

And others have decided they prefer not to talk, or to do so under limited conditions as Ms. Haslet-Davis hoped to.

That is their privilege, and no decent journalist would act otherwise.

We’re grateful to the survivors because by publicly sharing their stories of loss and recovery, they keep the essence of what happened that day in proper focus.

But these are not public figures, with public obligations of openness.

If they don’t want to talk, at all or about certain subjects, that’s their call, not ours.

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