BOSTON (CBS) –  On Wednesday during lunch, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s promotions manager Chris Rucker ordered and picked up a personal pan pizza from Uno’s, but just as he sat down to eat it at his desk he was called into another room to handle something that came up.

When Rucker came back to his desk to eat his pizza, he noticed something peculiar: a slice was missing.

What happened to his pizza?

Well there’s only one way to find out, and that’s checking the surveillance footage.

You see, what the unsuspecting thief failed to realize is that there are numerous cameras located around the promotions office. After checking the tape Rucker thinks he has a suspect picked out, because shortly after he leaves the office, in walks the one and only Scott Zolak.

If you watch the video, you’ll see the pizza in a bag seated firmly on Ruck’s desk. Zo walks in and begins small-talking the street teamers, who can’t see what’s going on because of an office divided by partitions.

Zo fumbles around for awhile inside the bag and appears to hide something in his sleeve, but dislodging that first slice from the rest of the pie is the hardest, so it would take the hands of a magician to pull that off unnoticed.

Keep in mind that Zolak has a reputation around the office for this sort of thing. Rucker is convinced Zolak is the culprit, but others feel the evidence is inconclusive. . . what do you think?

Gresh & Zolak Discuss ‘The Great Pizza Mystery’:

For Rucker, however, it’s no mystery…

The poll results say otherwise, but Scott Zolak is adamant about his innocence. The mystery continues…

Listener Theories & Zolak’s Denial:



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