By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the headline – after all, our city has changed in many ways since last year’s Boston Marathon, some more literal than others.

We’ll certainly see some of those changes at the marathon itself.  For instance, the ban on bags and the extra security cameras we’ve heard about.

But the real question is did Boston change for the better?

Among those seeing change, 62-percent say yes. And it’s not necessarily because they think we’re safer.

They point to what we’ve come to call Boston Strong.

Pollsters described it as “the surge in civic pride and unity.”

Reminds me of the weeks that followed 9/11 and how often I still hear people lament how that feeling faded away.

But that is how a lot of us feel in Boston.

Just think of moments like the Red Sox victory parade, survivors walking again and, maybe more than anything, some of those same survivors preparing to run this marathon again.

But some people think Boston changed for the worse.

Fourteen-percent of those believe the city is changed forever. They point to the human suffering that came from the bombings and what was termed “a lingering sense of insecurity.”

But the issue that really divides us is how to punish the surviving marathon bombing suspect.

People were evenly split on whether he should face the death penalty.

Interesting to note that support for the death penalty in the case of a conviction was lowest among people who live in and around Boston.

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