NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) —  One of the five men convicted in one of the most vicious crimes in New Hampshire history, is now serving out his sentence in New Jersey.

Steven Spader was convicted in the 2009 murder of Kimberly Cates and the attack on her daughter, Jamie.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Corrections, Spader was moved to a facility in New Jersey on February 15.  The department says they transfer inmates to other states if they believe their presence in one of their facilities could be a risk to institutional safety. It could be because they are a threat to inmates, staff, or the public or if their personal safety could be threatened if they were to remain here, the N.H. Department of Corrections told WBZ-TV.

The move is part of the Interstate Compact where states swap inmates for many of the same reasons. New Hampshire has 117 inmates serving their sentences in other states.

Prosecutors said during trial, it was Spader who wielded a machete in the attack on the mother and her daughter. While awaiting trial, Spader allegedly detailed his crimes in letters he described as “bedtime stories” to another New Hampshire inmate.






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