BOSTON (CBS) — Last summer, bicyclist Adam Pearlman went head-over-heels, flipping his bike on Huntington Ave.

“I scraped up my arms and legs pretty good,” he said.

Pearlman says the crash was caused by one of the expansion joints, a common sight on many city streets, but at the intersection of Huntington and Stuart Street, the joint is at just the wrong angle for bike riders.

“You’re traveling fast enough and at the wrong angle, your tire gets caught and you can see, it will lock and flip the bicycle.”

He says he saw another woman crash her bike at the same spot last weekend. A limo driver who works in the neighborhood says he sometimes sees two crashes a day.

The city is reportedly aware of the problem and they’ve set up several hazard signs at the intersection but cyclists say by the time you see the sign, it may be too late.

Pearlman says he was told the state owns the expansion joint but the issue doesn’t seem to be on their radar.

Bicyclist at intersection of Stuart Street and Huntington Ave. (WBZ-TV)

Bicyclist at intersection of Stuart Street and Huntington Ave. (WBZ-TV)

“I know of one accident involving an expansion joint and a pothole I’m not sure if that was a unique situation or a trend,” said Highway Administrator Frank DePaola.

Pearlman would just like to see something done before somebody is killed.

I’m afraid that somebody traveling in traffic is going to crash and a car’s not going be able to stop in time,” he says.




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