Chiarelli, Julien Prove Time And Time Again Their System Works

BOSTON (CBS) – NESN TV play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards and Bruins radio play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher were apparently enjoying a beverage together last night when the duo came to a realization, which Edwards tweeted out.

Despite losing some of the top goal-scorers in the NHL over the last few seasons, the Bruins still continue to win and remain one of the best teams in hockey, primed to make another run at the Cup one year after getting to the finals.

Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak talked about the Bruins roster and agreed that the Bruins favor team-building over acquiring the best players.

Zo says that while guys like Blake Wheeler, Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel have gone on to produce for their new teams, the guys that the Bruins have brought in are a better fit for the team and what they do.

“It’s about keeping the train rolling,” Zo said. “It’s about being consistent. It’s about doing it your way and believing in your way. I think the message here is, ‘Hey, we’ve said goodbye to a couple pretty good guys, and we’re still in pretty damn good shape given the type of guys we lost. But we’ve replaced them with maybe better role players.'”

Meanwhile, Gresh sees the Bruins’ recent run of success as almost a “free pass” of sorts to do what they want without scrutiny because, let’s face it, what they’re doing is working.

And what works for them is not necessarily going for the best available player, but one that best fits their system.

“You’re looking at an organization that isn’t going to be influenced by the outside,” Gresh said. “In many ways, when you win a Cup, I think it gives you the ability to then stand up and not worry about what the outside world thinks. It’s not about going out and acquiring the best, necessarily individual players. Your eye is on team and those are the smart organizations who build it that way.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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