BOSTON (CBS) – Everyone’s favorite call screener was down at the TD Garden last week for Smackdown, and before and after the show he interviewed several wrestling fans.

Adolfo knew right off the bat just how big one WWE fan was and that he’d be a great interview because of not one, but TWO Triple H tattoos seen visibly on his forearm. This one gentleman in particular credits wrestling (mainly Triple H) for saving his life.

This one fan has been following the WWE closely for most of his 45 years on earth, and his advice for the WWE is simple.

“Let the wrestlers get in the ring and do what they do best: wrestle,” said the fan after the show.

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“Well that is a man who thinks wrestling is real,” joked Fred.

The other person Adolfo talked to seemed most interested in buying a John Cena hat.

Listen below!



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