BOSTON (CBS) – The work goes on for the crew of Ladder 15 and Engine 33.

The firefighters at the Boylston Street station returned safely from a call Sunday night and then turned to gently rearranging the flowers left in memory of their fallen brothers, Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy.

Visitors continue to stop to pray, reflect and remember in front of the huge display of mementos.

“It’s sad. I mean … fallen heroes. That’s the best way you can put it. These guys risk their lives. It’s sad to think about,” Adam Thorley said.

“Pay respect. The respect they deserve,” said Chris Spaulding, who added the firehouse will always be a sacred place.

The tragic fire at 298 Beacon St. has left a mark on the city and beyond, especially for firefighters.

Jasmine Gonzalez’s father is a firefighter in Lawrence. Her dad’s department sent a department shirt to the Boston firehouse in tribute.

“I’m always proud of him but I’m also always scared, especially when I turn on the news and see things like this because the fire company here is incredibly busy and so is Lawrence.”

Firefighters from around the country and perhaps beyond are expected to attend the two funerals.



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