BOSTON (CBS) – Police say a snowplow captured on surveillance video hit a man last month in Lunenburg and then kept going. For weeks, police have been trying to track down the driver of the truck.

The man who was hit, Kervens Elysee, faces a long recovery. His two shattered legs still confine him to a wheelchair, but the memories are equally painful.

“I didn’t want to be dead so I said God please help me,” Elysee says.

Elysee is talking about what happened to him on February 27th a hit and run at the Lunenburg/Fitchburg line that nearly killed him. His car was in the shop so he was walking to work before sunrise.

Police have now rounded up some grainy surveillance video which shows a pickup truck plow approaching the accident scene. The impact is not on video, but another camera captured that pickup briefly hitting the brakes immediately afterward and then taking off.

“The pickup truck actually stopped after hitting the pedestrian, and then took off rapidly,” Lunenburg Police Lt. Mike Luth said.

Just moments later, another motorist adds insult to injury by stopping for several seconds, only to drive away with Kervens sprawled on the snowbank afraid he’d be run over again.

“I was like laying down on the ground,” Elysee says. “I was yelling ‘please somebody help me, my two legs are broken.'”

But a big break came when detectives located home security video from around the corner, good enough to tell the fleeing pickup is a white, 1999 to 2003, single-cab Chevy or GMC with a yellow plow.

Police hope it will be enough to summon calls from tipsters. But Kervens hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“What I want to happen is I want him to come forward by himself,” he says.

After a month of silence though that seems unlikely.

It will be another month until Kervens is out of rehab and able to walk again with his medical bills nearing $200,000.



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