BOSTON (CBS) – It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for Over/Under on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game Of Jones.” In this edition, Adam Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics…

Longest Bruins Winning Streak For The Remainder Of The Season: 4.5

“I’m going to go under because I think the Bruins are gonna continue to sprinkle guys in and out of the lineup and get rested. I don’t think they’re pushing all that hard for the Presidents’ Trophy. If they were maybe it’d be different, but I think they’re gonna prioritize rest – which they should. Plus, there’s not enough games left in the season to have a big winning streak in them,” said Jones.

Longest Celtics Losing Streak For The Remainder Of The Season: 5.5

“I”m going over on that because the Celtics wanna lose. They should wanna lose, despite what Danny Ainge says about this draft class and lack of interest in it. That’s what he’s saying publicly, so I get the feeling he thinks the exact opposite. Give me the over,” said Jones.

Number Of No. 1 Seeds To Reach The Final Four: 1.5

“I’ll go over. I think two of the remaining one seeds will get in there. I’m not huge on Virgina. I know they looked great in their second game, but I’m very skeptical about Virginia. Arizona has looked awesome. They really have. Florida’s looked great. So to me, those are the two teams I look at to get to the Final Four,” said Jones.

David Ortiz Home Runs In 2014: 29.5

“I’m going under because this isn’t his ‘plate appearances/vesting option‘ season. 2016? When David Ortiz wants to get every single at bat and he’s motivated maybe he’ll get 30 home runs. But to me, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s on the DL for a month. The guy is in his late thirties. I’m not expecting him to be bad, but I just don’t think he’ll approach 162 games this season. I’m taking the under,” said Jones.

Jon Lester’s Earned Run Average In 2014: 3.30 ERA

“I will go over that. Lester was lights out in the postseason, and in the World Series specifically. But if you look at his last year-and-a-half he was pretty bad in 2012 and he wasn’t very good in the first half of last season. I think we sort of know what Jon Lester is at this point in his career. He’s not this elite ace, or number one guy. I don’t think many people feel that way anymore.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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