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Consider this:

Bradley Jay: ‘Join Me On A Trip To Morocco.’

The truth about Morocco is elusive. For years, I have been doing research and asking questions of both natives and visitors, but I was never able to piece together a solid vision of what Morocco might be like to visit. Some folks raved about how wonderful and exotic Morocco is, while others reported all manner of travel hazard.
As a result of inconsistent reports, my resolve to visit Morocco would wax and then, regrettably, wane. This vacillation was exacerbated by the fact that I could find no one to accompany me. If I were going to do this, it would have to be alone. Finally, I found a decent flight and just decided to go for it. Once you buy the ticket, there is no turning back.

Strangely, all my flights were on time and I arrived in Rabat at 12:20 in the afternoon. The difference in everything there was dizzying: the temperature, language, currency, dress, attitude, food, highway markings, speed, and the magic way neither driver nor pedestrian ever backs down. All conspired to raise my pulse and widen my eyes. (And Rabat is the “quiet town.”) It had exactly what I had hoped for; what I call the Cairo Rush. It’s like a carnival ride that startles you even though you thought you were prepared for it.

I spent the bulk of my time in Marrakech and rather than fall short in an attempt to convey the wonder of the place with the written word, I put together this video that I urge you to watch.

The video portrays the most exotic aspects of urban Marrakech life, but overall Morocco is more developed than most imagine
Also, the people are more openly genial than we generally understand. Any uneasiness folks may have about the locals, and their feelings toward us, are unfounded. Moroccans are among the friendliest people in the world, and they want to meet YOU.

At the end of the day, the people of Morocco are just like most other people in the world, and they want what we want –a safe place to live and raise a family, an education for their kids, and a chance to make a decent living.

Enjoy the video.


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