BOSTON (CBS) –  The trio of Scott Zolak, Hardy and Rich Keefe were in the studio Friday discussing a wide variety of topics. On the list was the NFL possibly adding two regular season games to the 16-game schedule.

The 16-game versus 18-game schedule has become a hot button issue in recent years, and newly-elected National Football League Players Association president Eric Winston has a firm stance on the matter.

“I can tell you 16-to-18 is dead in the water. I won’t let it happen. I don’t think any of these other guys are going to let it happen. It’s a safety issue,” Winston said to USA Today.

You have to imagine Winston speaks on behalf of the majority of the players in the NFL. The fans and owners are the ones campaigning for an 18-game schedule, but is it in the best interest of the NFL?

The NFL is a contact sport and with players getting faster and stronger, players seem to be getting hurt at a higher rate than ever. The NFL has had the current 16-game schedule in place since 1978 and at the end of the season the NFL always, “leaves them wanting more,” says Hardy.

As the most popular sport in the country, the NFL is always trying to improve its product and continue to satisfy its fans, as evidenced by the amount of rule changes proposed just a few days ago by the competition committee.

Hardy raised a good point in saying, “At what point is this going to be too much? They have to go right up to that boundary” – that boundary being the point in which the NFL’s product begins to decline.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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