BOSTON (CBS) – All is well in Bruins land . . . for now.

After the team’s 10th straight win last night in New Jersey, the B’s improved to 10-1 in the month of March.

Some have said the Bruins might be peaking too early and should save some for the postseason, but with everyone contributing it’s hard not to like this team right now – weak recent schedule or not.

“Ten in a row is pretty impressive regardless of the schedule. It’s still the NHL, and we know how over the years the Bruins have laid eggs against team they should roll over, so the fact that they’ve been able to stay focused and play as well as they have it’s hard to criticize the schedule,” said’s Matt Kalman.

Some have pointed to the lack of superior opponents as a reason for the team’s recent winning streak, but as Kalman just pointed out it’s still the NHL and it’s impressive nonetheless.

However, things are about to toughen up schedule-wise for the hometown team in this month of March.

Left on the docket are Colorado, Phoenix, Montreal, Chicago, Washington and Philadelphia – five of them are playoff bound and the other (Washington) is right on the cusp.

Keeping up this winning streak and playing Bruins hockey as the playoffs approach will be a lofty task.

“They’re not gonna be able to keep it up. That’s just the way it goes. They’re not gonna win every game the rest of the season and they might actually lose a couple ugly ones here down the stretch. That’s what it’s all about, they go up and down,” said Kalman.

The Bruins have plenty to improve on, but when you have Tuukka Rask and Chad Johnson it should come as no surprise the team is now tied for the longest winning streak of the year.

“When you have two strong goaltenders you can get away with a tough schedule. There’s still some things to tighten up obviously. They’re not playing perfect hockey, but they’re playing good enough to win these games and the offense is amazing to see how much they’ve scored this year,” Kalman concluded.

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